the duqaines

Them Duqaines play The White Horse

Honky Tonk was never so tough as nails til Them Duqaines rolled into town.  Austin, TX had the pleasure of hosting these guys at SXSW this past year. I filmed this project for these guys–they’re wonderful! So next time you’re in Austin, you’d better make time to go see them… 

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JimBob Art

“I took $20,000 from a megastore.” …….Or, “How to vote with your wallet.”

While voting is a privilege that I’m thankful for, we don’t get to do it all that often—-in my life, voting is about as common as the olympics, leap years, and getting new brakes in my car.   However, something I do every week is go to the grocer’s shop, or… 

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vintage style throw pillow

Vintage Viernes: Resurrecting the Tea Towel for Accent Cushion

I have always had an affinity for Tea Towels, and as my collection has grown, I had to think through some ways to give old tea-towels new life.  They are usually quite beautiful works of art, and so I wanted to think of a way to showcase them more prominently… 

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Buying Made Easy on Etsy

Hi, All! Etsy has done some wonderful things in the past few months to improving the selling and buying experience.  Yes, you will still have to register with Etsy in order to make a purchase. No, they will not spam you (unless you sign up for e-mail updates…which I recommend…. 

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wild child pillow talk

SXSW in Austin, TX

It is that time of year again…not Christmas–well, maybe it is like the Christmas of Art/Entertainment…Yes, South by Southwest!  We recently moved to Austin, and so there have been a number of great bands I wanted to call attention to–all three are local bands in Austin, and they are each… 

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Icon Design for Poker Night

Recently I started work on an icon design for an Iphone/Android App called “Poker Night.” If any of you guys/gals are into playing Texas Hold ‘Em, then you will want to check the app out. I don’t want to get into any trouble by sharing any big details before the… 

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Salvage The World Art and Vintage goods

Owl Treasury on Etsy

One of my favorite prints in my shop, an owl sketch on texture, was featured in a really cute treasury of owls. I wanted to share them here, and I hope you find something that you like! I always appreciate being featured alongside such lovely artists in these treasuries on… 

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pterosaur bw LQ2

dinosaurs are funny, right?

My dinosaur artwork is usually featured in humorous treasuries on etsy, but I’m always happy to see the artwork and creation of other artists who are also dinosaur enthusiasts–so, please enjoy! ‘Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth’ by PatsPaints When I was little I wanted to be a paleontologist. I wanted to… 

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jewelry owl 2

New Owl product up on Etsy shop!

I posted a new fun little owl on etsy.  It is repurposed from vintage jewelry and scrap burlap on a 5 inch square canvas. It is all gold-colored jewelry except for the little teal flower petal eyes, they are just outlined in gold metals.   I loved putting this together,… 

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Engagement pictures with Sean and Alicia

Location: Baylor Campus in Waco, Texas I met Sean and Alicia on Baylor Campus one morning to shoot these engagement photos. The weather took an unexpected temperature dip that morning, so we moved a few shots indoors. Alicia was a real trooper in her peep-toe heels that day–I never once… 

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